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Eatz by Marie is not just a restaurant, but it is a place of creation. It’s more than food; it’s art. Eat by Marie was established in 2016 by Marie. It began with cooking for friends and family, while receiving a great amount of positive feedback on the dishes and that is what motivated the idea to take things to the next level. We continue each day to become more unique and serving to our customers. We offer a wide variety of food selections, combining different ingredients from many cultures to create new dishes to amaze and satisfy customers as well as setting ourselves apart from others in the food industry to be our own unique brand. Eatz by Marie offers self-service in house dining, take-out, meal prep options, catering, creative art events, and soon to come cooking classes for the youth. Eatz by Marie stands firm in teamwork and customer service offering a satisfying experience for you to come back and visit with us again!

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